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Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Sat Feb 1 12:48:56 EST 1997

At  6:11 PM 1/31/97 -0800, Char A Bezanson wrote:
>I think you're right on about breaking the mindset that the
>teacher/student relationship is the only one that matters in the
>classroom.  While it may not be appropriate for  all types of projects or
>for large classes, I've had students post essays dealing with a class
>problem or topic to a class email alias, and have required them to read
>and respond to a certain number of their classmates' essays.

I'm thinking of having student work submitted as pages for
my web-site.  I did some of that for my plant physiology
course last cycle, and students like it.

I'd like to get my students "into" talking about biology
and they really like the "chat" rooms on the internet.
I'm wondering if there is public domain or inexpensive
software out there to work with, say MacHTTP or other
WWW servers that provide a "chat" room.  I'd like to get
my students into using one about botany.  I would point
them to a particular time and see how well it works.  I
think the more they work with the vocabulary with each
other, the more synergistically their efforts combine to
deepen their experience.


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