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Dave Haas dhaas at
Mon Feb 3 16:45:28 EST 1997

Sam Beale wrote:
> Apologies, I couldn't resist:
> HI,
> My name is Vinnie, and I practice something called Sk-ahm. It is a means
> of enrichment through the use of economic energy transfer. You must
> receive bills to be able to pass the wherewithal through your body. You
> are the suk-kuhr so to speak. The purpose of the attunment is to clear
> your bank account so the
> funds can flow freely. If you look in your area you may find a Sk-ahm
> Master/Teacher such as myself to help you. This kind of practice can
> yield the fee's of a doctor. But best of all you get enriched while your
> patient gets Sk-ahm'ed. It is currently being reconized as a real enriching
> alternative and is being used as we speak in the streets in Tucson.
> Good luck. But if you'd like more info feel free to e-mail me. Maybe if
> there's no-one close by you I can try a long distance Sk-ahm. It can
> be done. You can send money long distance with Sk-ham using the mails.
> I have. And there is a means of manifestation too. Good luck
> Vinnie the Sk-ham Master/teacher
> and Financial Wizard
> ------
> Indeed, who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool that follows him?

How much money do you want?  I have made so much money in internet scams
and chain letters that my house is full of the stuff.  Please tell me
where to send it.

Who is the more foolish, the fool who follows the fool following the
fool or the fool who follows him?

D. Haas

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