Lab Fees

Gregory Zagursky gzagursk at
Wed Feb 5 08:53:17 EST 1997

In light of continuing budget cuts, the Biology Dept. here at Radford 
Univ. is considering the use of lab fees for the first time.  The dept. 
has asked me to gather some background information on lab fees at other 
institutions, particularly those in Virginia since we are a 
state-supported university.  First off I'd like to find out just how many 
colleges are charging lab fees (either directly or indirectly) so please 
respond even if you have no fees.  For those of you with lab fees I'd 
like to know 1) What is the fee and how it is collected? 2) Are the fees 
the same for all courses (major and non-major)? 3) Is the fee per 
semester or per course? and finally 4) Is the lab fee the entire basis 
for your course budget or is it used to supplement a regular budget?

Thanks for your time.  Please respond to me directly at 
gzagursk at so as to not bother the entire group.  If there is 
enough interest and responses I'll be happy to post a summary of 
results.  Once again, thanks for your time.

Greg Zagursky
Laboratory Coordinator 

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