Dell Erickson ricks at
Wed Feb 5 19:53:14 EST 1997

If the course included population ecology (human), perhaps the short,
non-mouthful course title of " Life and Sustainability" would be
appropriate. The class sounds like one the students enjoy and benefit

Dell Erickson

>mmphillips at ALEX.STKATE.EDU ("Martha Phillips") wrote:

>I've been following the "bio-sequence" discussion and really enjoying what 
>people have to say and I'd like to add my two cents worth to the discussion: 

>Our department has gone through some serious curriculum development and change,
>snip ...

>I teach the second semester, which is taught around the theme of "Environmental 
>Interactions and the Strategies of Life."  (Kind of a mouthful, but I haven't 
>come up with a quick title that really says it all.)  Basically, I cover the 
>topics of plant biology, ecological principles and evolution -- with an attempt 
>to incorporate environmental issues of interest to the students.  

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