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Joy Perry joyperry at UWC.EDU
Fri Feb 7 10:12:57 EST 1997

Some of you may be familiar with the monthly publication "Syllabus". It's
topic is technology in education, and it has short feature articles as well
as advertising. It's a free publication, and worth checking out to keep up
with current happenings in the field. (http://www.syllabus.com) And  no, I
have no official connection with "Syllabus"; I've just found it useful.

Here's my question: has anyone attended one of their workshops, especially
on multimedia authoring? I'm interested in going,  but would like to
communicate with someone who has attended in the past to figure out if it's
really worth the $$ and time.

Alternatively, does anyone know of any other GOOD intense workshops on
multimedia authoring? I want to get started on this authoring soon, but
wish to steepen my learning curve at the outset. I'm especially interested
in learning Photoshop, Authorware, Hypercard, and Premiere for Macintosh.

Please reply directly, if you wish, and thanks in advance.

Joy Perry

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