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Wed Feb 12 09:02:40 EST 1997

At 4:59 AM -0000 2/11/97, Jim Perry wrote:
>Alright, alright, (said with humor) I now know that there are several
>BIOLOGY books out there that do Macro-Micro, but have I missed something,
>or did no one identify a BOTANY book that does Macro-Micro??? (Hmmm, I
>thought that was my idea of a survey. Old Ross and Jon and David have been
>mighty quiet since I tried to get one of them to volunteer to put an
>electronic survey together to get data that we could take to a publisher.)

I haven't forgotten...
I'm still thinking about the best way to do that.
I understand our list is about 350 people and given
the response rate of most surveys, I'm wondering if
we could provide enough energy through this forum
to convince anyone.  (That's a question, not a statement...
a famous quote revised from the Watergate hearings).

Maybe, Jim, you could help with that.  Would 70 positive
responses be enough (20% of group) to convince a
publisher?  A 40% response rate divided equally among
yes and no would give this kind of a number.


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