Peggy Pollak peggy.pollak at NAU.EDU
Fri Feb 14 13:09:24 EST 1997

       Save Sesame Street from being cancelled!!!!!!

This is a petition to save Sesame Street.  ALL YOU DO IS ADD YOUR NAME
TO THE LIST AT THE BOTTOM, then forward it to everyone you know. The
only time you send it to the included address is if you are the
50th,100th,etc.  Send it on to everyone you know.
        PBS, NPR (National Public Radio), and the arts are facing
major  cutbacks in funding.  In spite of the efforts of each station
to reduce spending costs and streamline their services, the government
officials believe that the funding currently going to these programs
is too large a portion of funding for something which is seen as
"unworthwhile."  Currently, taxes from the general public for PBS
equal $1.12 per person per year, and the National Endowment for the
Arts equals $.64 a year in total.  A January 1995  CNN/USA
Today/Gallup poll indicated that 76% of  Americans wish to keep
funding for PBS, third only to national defense and law enforcement as
the most valuable programs for federal funding.   Each year, the
Senate and House appropriations commitees each have 13 subcommitees
with jurisdiction over many programs and agencies.  Each  subcommitee
passes its own appropriation bill. The goal each year is to have each
bill signed by the beginning of the fiscal year, which is October  1.
In the instance of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, the bill
determines the funding for the next three years.   When this issue
comes up again, the funding will be determined for  fiscal years
1996-1998. The only way that our representatives can be aware of the
base of support for PBS and funding for these types of  programsis by
making our voices heard.    Please add your name to this list if you
believe in what we stand  for.
     This list will be forwarded to the President of the United
States, the Vice President of the United States, the House of
Representatives and Congress.

If you happen to be the 50th, 100th, 150th, etc. signer of this
petition, please forward to:   

kubi7975 at

This way we can keep track of the lists and organize them.  Forward
this to everyone you know, and help us to keep these programs alive.
Thank you.

1. Elizabeth Weinert, student, University of Northern
2. Nikki Marchman, student, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado.
3. Laura King, Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Mary Lambert, San Francisco, CA
5. Sam Tucker, Seattle, WA
6. Steve Mack, Seattle, WA
7. Stacy Shelley, Sub Pop Records, Seattle, WA.
8. Amy Saaed, Seattle, WA
9. Jill Hudgins, Atlanta, GA
10. Alex Goolsby, student, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
11. Aisha K. McGriff, North Carolina School of Science and Math
12. Amy Brushwood, North Carolina School of Science and Math
13. Mason Blackwell, student The College of William and Mary
14. Melinda Murphy, student, St. Mary's College of Maryland
15. Amy Raphael, student, University of Pennsylvania
16. Nancy Adleman, student, Stanford University
17.. Paul Bodnar, student, Stanford University
18. Kunal Bajaj, student, University of Pennsylvania
19. Sharon Seltzer, student, University of Pennsylvania
20. Sugirtha Vivekananthan, student, University of Pennsylvania
21. Ann Wang, student, University of Pennsylvania
22. Seth Resler, student, Brown University
23. Leslie Ching, student, Brown University
24. Sylvia Barbut, student, Carnegie Mellon University
25. Karri Plotkin, student, Carnegie Mellon University
26. Kamilla Chaudh, student, Emory University
27. Jon Gordon,student,Princeton University
28. Nadine Knight, student, Princeton University
29. Erica Amianda, student, Johns Hopkins University
30. Rachel Pletcher, student, Johns Hopkins University
31. Janet Aardema, student, Davidson College
32. Kelly Kiefer, student, Davidson College
33. Jane Ruschky, student, Davidson College
34. Courtney Pace, student, Davidson College
35. Allison Patten, student, Northwestern University
36. Chad Ballentine, student, Franklin Road Academy
37. Allison Patten, student, Northwestern University
38. Rachel Allen, student, Rhodes College
39. Mary Rose Herbert, student, Guilford College
40. Christie Todd, student, Rhodes College
41. Athena Petropoulos, Rhodes College
42. Kathryn Hoang, student, Rhodes College
43. Lan To, student, Rhodes College
44. Ben Hagy, student, Reed College
45. Stephanie Marrs, student, University of Pennsylvania
46. Meg Smith, student, Rice University
47. Julian Zinn, student, University of Texas
48. Adam Talianchich, student, University of Texas
49. Michael GLazner, student, Southwestern Universirty
50. Katherine Rainwater, student, Southwestern University
51. Will O'Brien, student, Southwestern University
52. Meridith McConnell, student, Southwestern University
53. Amy Cassata, student, Trinity University
54. Heather Hanchett, student, Trinity University
55. Mike Elsner, student, Trinity University, San Antonio
56. ND Victor Carsrud, student, University of Texas Medical
57. Michael Eisenstein, Engineer, Dallas, TX
58. Tehmina Banatwala, English Teacher, Houston, TX
59. Paula Leigh Cox, Account Executive, San Antonio, TX
61. Mike Mineo, student, UT medical school, Houston, TX
62. Andre de Launay, Amer. Grad. School of Intl..Mgmt, Glendale, AZ
63. Tawne Bachus, Thunerbird, the American Grad School of Intl.
Mgmt.,Glendale, AZ.
64. Ty Bachus, graphic designer, Herndon, VA
65. Thomas Inskip, software engineer, Washington, DC.
66. Dana Hollish, Green Seal
67. Neil Payne, St. Mary's College, MD
68. Douglas G. Davis, Gainesville, Fl.
69. Paula Garfinkle, Potomac, MD
70. Jeff Boodman, Falls Church, VA
71. Erica Sangster, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA
72. Nathalia Glickman, Graduate student, University of Oregon,
73. Chee Chan, Ex-Pat, Singapore
74. Justin Tan, University of Toronto, Canada
75. Sue Burrows, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
76. Kelly Cox, York University, Toronto, Canada
77. Amanda Holt, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada
78. Sara Fisher, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
79. Elliot Salmons, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada
80. Dori Skye, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada
81. Jana Atkins, York University, Toronto, Canada
82. Joshua Engel, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
83. Haim Gorodzinsky, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
84. Melissa Medley, Loyola University Chicago, IL
85. Kim Puhr, Loyola University Chicago, IL
86. Lena Dukic, Chicago, IL
87. Betsy Greer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
88. Lisa Thompson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
89. Ryan Emanuel, Duke University, Durham, NC
90. Gautham Venkat, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
91. Christina Varughese, u of penn, phila, pa
92. John Varghese, student,University of Md at Baltimore County
93. Jason Putsche, student, University of Md at Baltimore County
94. Melissa Koponen, student, St John's University, Queens, NY
95. Peter C. Frank, student, New York Law School, New York, NY
96. Mark J. Bousquet, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
97. Roberta E. Chase, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
98. David A. Phillips, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
99. James E. Charbonneau, student, Virginia Tech, VA
100. Sara M. Eells, student, Virginia Tech, VA
101. Courtney Reiter, student, Virginia Tech, VA
102. Larissa Buccolo, student, Virginia Tech, VA
103. Amanda Hill, student, Indiana University, IN
104. Tony Grimes, student, Indiana University, IN
105. Laurie Metzger, student, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
106. Amy Smith, student, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
107. Michelle Crispino, student, University of Maryland, College
108. Antonella Cavallo, student, University of Maryland, College Park,
109. Ranjana Varghese, student, University of Maryland, College Park,
110. Jennifer McCloskey, student, University of Maryland, CollegePark,
111. Jenni DuBreuil, student, Salisbury State University, MD
112. Greg Zapiec, student, Salisbury State University, MD
113. Helen Woods, student, Salisbury State University, MD
114. Gary Bringman, student, Salisbury, State University, MD
115. Dave Rabinovitz, Fan of Snuffulluffagas, New Rochelle, New York
116. Thea S. Lovallo, Dated Elmo, Port Chester,NY  (student)
117. Scott Johnson, I am the Cookie Monster... Coo Coo Ca Choo
Nashville,TN (musician)
118. Emily Johnson, Bert & Ernie fan, Nashville, TN
119. Greg Engel, I count numbers, Pittsburgh, PA (dentist)
120. Franco Sicilia, Jr., I loved Mr Hooper, Philadelphia, Pa
121. Kelly Icardi, Bitten by The Count, Pittsburgh, PA
122. Lisa Yaszek, graduate student, University of Wisconsin, Madison,
123. Grant Carmichael, Sesame St. makes great use of TV, Grand Rapids,
124. Jeffery J. Glasen, Coopersburg, PA
125. Laura Trausch Snyder, High School Math Teacher, Lisle, Illinois -
Please don't take away Big Bird!
126. Christine Holguin-San Diego Ca-Grew up on Sesame Street!! Save it
for my kids!!!!!
127. Bess Baer, San Diego, CA
128. Candice Anderson, Newport Beach, CA
129. Rachel Goodwin, M.S., San Francisco, CA  I still watch Sesame
Street!! It's the greatest.  Just today I saw Oscar teach Sloppy to
130. Judy Corse, Jr. High Teacher, Eagle Rock, CA
131. W. Bruce Watson, Livermore, CA
132. Ed Costello, Pleasanton, CA.  Brought to you today by the
133. Julie Buehler, San Bruno, CA
134. Denise Ann Maurer, Palo Alto, CA  Save the Snuffle-up-a-gus!
135. B. Kyle Partridge, Somerville, MA  "Mana manam.  Doot doo dee doo
136. A.Y. Laury, Somerville, MA  The seeds planted by Sesame can one
day save the world...
137. Alexis M. Scott, Lexington, MA
138. S. Steele, Woodbridge, VA
139. Alexander Whitney, Associate Scientist, Plainsboro, NJ
140. Monica Belton, Assistant Microbiologist, Andover, NJ
141. Marika Skiadas, Assistant Microbiologist, Somerset, NJ
142. Ann Skiadas, Environmental Engineer, Somerset, NJ
143. Sharone Menczel, law student, University of Pennsylvania where
are the ten missing numbers?
153. Beth Ritter, Awards Coordinator-MTV Networks New York
154. Julie Kellman MTV Animation-MTV Networks New York
155. Rachelle Etienne MTV Production-MTV Networks, New York
156. Doug Anderson- Associate Producer- MTV SPORTS, NYC
157. Cinnamon-Anne Booth-Production Coordinator,MTV House of Style,NYC
158. Brian Cooper- Production Coordinator, MTV On Air Promos, NYC
159. Marisa Fazzina- Coordinator, MTV On Air Graphics, NYC  Sesame
Street is part of American History!!!
160. Lynne Mishele- Freelance Producer, NYC
161. July Lopez-MTV On Air Graphics,NYC
162. Henry Lescaille - MTVN Human Resources, NYC
163. Matthew Larsen - MTVN Human Resources, NYC
164. Jennifer Langheld - MTV Traffic Assistant, NYC
165. Alyson Leonard- Coordinator, MTV Production Library, NYC
166. R.J. Murphy - Studio Manager, MTV Animation, NYC
167. Michelle Volpe - Office Manager, Cambridge Technology
168. Nandita Bery - Software Developer, CTP, NYC
169. Mike Apmann - Ernie & Bert rock.Computer Geek, Pepsi Cola, Somers
170. Sal Ulto - Pepsi Cola Somers NY
171. Melissa Ulto - Freelance Productions, NY
172. Grace M. Church - Warner Brothers/Space Jam, Los Angeles CA
173. James C. Sommers - Warner Borthers/Space Jam, Los Angeles CA
174. Lisa Furst- Warner Brothers/Space Jam, Los Angeles CA
175. Jon Gunn - Warner Brothers/Space Jam, Los Angeles CA
176. Patrick Fitch - Warner Brothers/Space Jam, Los Angeles CA
177. Evan Fisher - Warner Brothers/Space Jam, Los Angeles CA
178. Beth Tigay - Los Angeles CA
179. Hillel Tigay - Los Angeles CA
180. Dan O'Halloran - B.D. Fox/Los Angeles CA
181. Laurie G. Osmond - ABC/Los Angeles, CA 182.
182. Steven J. Davis - ABC/Los Angeles, CA 183.
183. Jennifer M. Miles - ABC/Los Angeles, CA
184. Vincent A. Malizia - Los Angeles, CA
185. Chris R. Dunn - Los Angeles, CA
186. Matthew Coppola - New York, New York
187. Yolanda Sablo-Murray/New York, New York
188. Yvette Jones-Gaines/ ABC/ New York
189. Phyllis Carter/ABC News, New York
190. Melody Finnegan - ABC News, New York
191. Rita Ienco - ABC News, New York
192. Henry Guglielmo - ABC News, New York
193. Laureen Clarke- ABC News, New York
194. John Pfersching-ABC Sports, New York
195. Laura Prego-ABC Sports, New York
196. Mike Webb-ABC Sports, New York - Big Bird Rules!!!!!!
197. Lynn Cadden - ABC Sports, New York - I LOVE ELMO!!!!!
198. Stefan Petrat - ABC News, New York
199. Alison Panico - NTV International Corporation, New York
200. TJ Magill - Derwent Information, Washington, DC
201. Patty Gallagher - Derwent Information, Washington, DC
202. Lesley Weller, cookie lover, Alexandria, VA
203. Kathleen Rumfola, Bethesda, MD
204. Tanja Gatz, Arlington, VA
205. Lori Lefkowitz, Bethesda, MD
206. Terri Monahan, Herndon, VA
207. Marcia Call, Alexandria, VA
208. Nancy Bauer, Alexandria, Va
209. Joyce Eicholtz, for all you Henson fans, LA LA LAND
210. Les Kumagai, Fan As A Child/Fan As a Parent, Redondo Beach, CA
211. Lynne J. Williams, MCI,  Oakland, CA
212. Elizabeth Gates, MCI, Pasadena, CA
213. Diana Calderoni, MCI, Sherman Oaks, CA.
214. Sheila Medley, MCI, Atlanta, GA
215. Mary Noyes, Stackig Advertising & PR, McLean, VA
216. Christy Strazzella, Stackig Advertising & PR, McLean, VA
217. Sara Stein, (Poppe Tyson) - New York, NY
218. Alice Hines, (Poppe Tyson - New York, NY
219. Erik Hoffman, Klemtner Advertising, New York, NY
220. Laura Horstman, St. Louis, MO
221. Debra Kennard, saved by Super Grover, Chicago, IL
222. Marian Powell, Chicago, IL There's a Cookie Monster in me.
223. Audrey Collins, GE Capital, Chicago, Il
224. Nancy Ropelewski, Washington, DC
225. Lauren ("I can count to 20 thanks to Elmo") Williamson, age 2
225a.David Williamson (Lauren's daddy) San Mateo, CA
226. Yonna Yapou, art historian, Reston VA
227. Alfred Kromholz, management/software analyst, Reston VA
228. Arthur M. (Art) Spanier, Ph.D. - Father of 4, New Orleans, LA
229. Sharon Spanier Mother of 4 - Educator - New Orleans, LA
230. Adam Spanier - LSU Medical School - New Orleans, LA
231. Holly Spanier - H..S. Senior - Louisiana School for Math, Science
& the Arts.  Natchitoches, LA
232. Rebecca Spanier - H.S. Freshman - "Save Ms. Piggy" - New
233. David Spanier - 4th Grader - Your signature counts, says
the"Count" New Oleans, LA
234. Edmund W. Stiles - Professor of Biology, Rutgers University,
Piscataway, NJ
235. Boyd R. Strain - Professor of Botany, Duke University
236. Kate Lajtha - Associate Professor, Oregon State University
237. Tom Fisher - Professor, University of Maryland, CEES
238. Heather L. Berndt - Student, University of Maryland
239. Shannon M. Berndt - Student, Ithaca College
240. Stephanie J. Rzewnicki-Student, Penn State University
241. Dana Melcher-Altoona, PA
242. Amanda Albright- Altoona, PA
243. Shawn Auberzinski- Altoona, PA
244. Anna Becker- Juniata college, Huntingdon, Pa
245. Stacey Svirsko-Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pa ELMO ROCKS
246. Jennifer Stum-Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pa
247. Michael Chrisley-Spring Grove, PA
248. Matthew J. Bange-Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
249. Megan S. Aepli-Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
250. Jeremy J. Ross-Harvard University, Cambridge MA
251. David Lee Hall, III-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY
252. Thomas E. Magers-Kenyon College, Gambier, OH
253. Kristopher J. Armstrong - Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio
254. David Robrich Hoffman - Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio
255. Robert N. Johnson - Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio
256. Kelly Patricia Dillon-Kenyon College, Gambier OH...
257. Jessica Acevedo- Allegehny College, Meadville PA...Please don't
take Elmo away!
258. Patience Bartunek - Allegheny College, Meadville,Pa..Save Big
259. Steve Smith (Cowboy Commando) - Baylor University
260. Julie Hoefler, Allegheny College    Meadville Pa
261. Michelle Abboud- Allegheny College Meadville Pa Can you tell me
how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? I'm still looking for it so
you can't take it away!
262. Andrew Miller -Allegheny College, Meadville, PA
263. Minda Berbeco - from a corn field in western PENN
264. Sarah Osten - student in Connecticut
265. Dana Kotler, Oberlin College, OH
266. Leah Lipsky, Oberlin College, OH
267. Warren Herold, Oberlin College, OH
268. Jenny Goldfried, Columbia University, NY
269. Will White, Boston University, MA
270. Asako Matsuura, student, University of Rochester, NY
271. Joshua Goodman, student, Harvard University, MA
272. Mary Ping, student, Vassar College, NY
273. Merritt Birnbaum, student, Vassar College, NY
274. Lauren Bell, student, Vassar College, NY
275. Michael Sullivan, student, Universtity of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
276. Josh Liberatore, student, The University of Michigan>
277. Sheri Rosen, student, University of Michigan
278. Rena Hannah Diem, U Mich
279. Helen Edwards, University of Michigan
280. Andrea Pullo, University of Michigan
281. Sarah T. Alling, University of Michigan, what about Zoe?
282. Brett G. Hyatt, Georgetown University- even Oscar deserves the
283. Rebecca E. Vincent, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
284. Joshua S. Jarvis, Tufts University, Medford, MA
285. Krissy Westfall, Hartwick College, NY
286. Yuval Snir, University of Maryland
287. Daniel Davis and Aryeh Leifert, Yeshivat HaKotel, Jerusalem,
288. Robin Mindlin, Barnard College, Columbia University, NY
289. Shana Sultanik, Barnard College, Columbia University, NY
290. Malka Strasberg, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Jerusalem, Israel--I LOVE
291. Amichai Strasberg, Yeshiva of Central Queens, NY
292. Chaya Strasberg, Cardozo Scool of Law, Yeshiva University, NY
293. Michelle Zigelman, Stern College, Yeshiva University, NY
294. Lisa Weinstein, Stern College, Yeshiva University, NY
295. Rachel Linsider, Stern College, Yeshiva University, NY
296. Seth Rosenblum, SDR Consulting, Albany, NY
297. Rena Kesten, Orot Israel College, Elkana, Israel
298. Ahuva Jesin, Orot Israel College, Elkana, Israel
299. Sharon Jesin, North York, Ontario, Canada
300. Stan Greenspan, North York, Ontario, Canada
301. Julie Gourlay, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -- Super-Grover is still
my hero
302. Sherryl Drury,digg design,Ottawa, Ontario, Canada...hah, hah,
hah, hah.
303. Ollie Shearer, Vienna Va.-Too old for S.S. but my kids love it.
304. David Millar, WHM Transportation, McLean, Virginia
305. Nancy Langdon, Child Dev. Specialist, Austin Tx
306. Christopher H. Waldmann, Licensed Professional
Counselor,Evergreen, Colorado
307. Peggy Malm Waldmann, Licensed Professional Counselor, Pine,
308. Leigh Ann Salvage, Mom and Childbirth Educator, Honolulu, HI
309.  Eva D. Barnett, Attorney, New York, NY
310. Alexandra Andros, Multimedia Associate, New York, NY
311. Victoria Andros, Associate Editor, New York, NY
312. Tracy Sorrentino, Publicity Assistant, New York, NY
313. Tracy Kellum, Publicity Assistant, New York, NY
314.  Debbie Pyfrom, Psychology undergrad. at Furman University,
Greenville, SC
315. Jennifer P Higgins, Quality Assurance Assistant, Knoxville, TN
316. Joy P. Jordan, Teacher, Loris , SC. 
317. Beth Tuten, Teacher/ Grad. Student at USC, Columbia, SC >>
318. Becky Tuten, Elementary Ed., Columbia College, Columbia, SC
319. Bryanne DuRant, Speech Language Pathology, Columbia
320. Brantley Bonnette, student, Columbia College of SC----------
321. Kristy Edenfield, Exercise Physiologist & mom-Orangeburg, SC
322. Hayden Edenfield, Age 3, Cookie Monster Impressionist-Orangeburg,
Kristy Wright
kristy at


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