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Scott Meissner wrote:

> I would also be interested in what has worked and what has not [in regard to
>use of the internet], and in what standards should be adopted for references.
>My impression is that if the source is a referreed journal then it
>can be cited.  But if not, then it should be treated as a personal
>letter and treated as a "personal communication."

This is not the correct solution.  For standards of bibliographic citation
of internet resources see these web sites:

Modern Language Association Style Sheets

American Psychological Association Style

A good, recent print resource is
Valenza, Joyce Kasman.  1997.  Handling citations, cyber-style.  Electronic
Learning  16(4):  60-61.  February, 1997.

It is important that we teach students how to find, on a web page, the
elements that are normally included in citations:  author, date, etc.
There are several purposes:  to acknowledge authorship (copyright), to date
the source, to allow the reader to go to the source, etc.... just as with
print media.  As students look for this information, they can form an
opinion about the validity/reliability of the information.

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