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Scott T. Meissner smeissne at PRAIRIENET.ORG
Tue Feb 18 08:52:10 EST 1997

Scott Shumway askes about the educational uses by students of 
the internet.  I would also be interested in what has worked
and what has not, and in what standards should be adopted for 

My impression is that if the source is a referreed journal then it
can be cited.  But if not, then it should be treated as a personal
letter and treated as a "personal communication."

One use of the internet that I have found helpful is literature
searching.  McKendree college is a small college, and we do not
have large stand-alone computer search systems.  So I just gave
my botany class an assignment to find three articles about 
assigned topics and in assigned journals.  I gave them the 
following telnet addresses:

	database.carl.org	\ For Carl Uncover
	opac.nal.usda.gov	\ for the USDA online system

I also gave them the telnet addresses for some of the local
university libraries, ones with holdings more extensive than
our own.  This gets them to systems that let them search the
research literature.  I figure that once on the internet they
will find the chat-rooms on their own.  

I'd be interested in other telnet or www addresses that would 
be useful for literature searches of the research literature.
Or other sites that might be useful for student searches.

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Aure Entutuva!

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