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Scott Shumway wrote:
>         Students are required to write term papers in all of my classes.
> They are encouraged to make use of primary literature from scientific
> journals as well as scholarly books in our school library.  The World Wide
> Web is providing a new means of getting information about any topic
> imaginable.  Internet sources are appearing in students' literature cited
> sections with greater frequency.  Should students be allowed to use
> internet sources for writing their papers?  And if so, to what extent?
>         In the past I have discouraged internet use for several reasons.
> First of all I am afraid of receiving a paper that was simply cut and
> pasted off the internet.  Second, there is little or no quality control on
> the internet and I don't feel that my students are qualified to make
> quality control judgements.
Are your students at the college level?
If your students can not judge on their own what is quality work or
not? What does that say about the state of education?

I feel that by high school at the latest, students should be able to
make judgements on their own, Hopefully much sooner.

I for one recall vividly the first time I actually believed
'Don't believe everyhing you read'

  Third, I want my students to learn how to find
> and use sources in the good old paper library.
You can require that students to have hard copy printed refernces if you
are really worried about it. You could even require a certain # of
quotes, then you would actually have the ablity to check them, if you
wanted to

>         I am also caught in the realization that future dissemination of> knowledge will take place over the internet and that I should be
> encouraging students to explore this technology.
Another alternative would be to have more than one paper
one printed tradtional references
one web only
one what ever the student perfered

They could judge for themselves, another option is to require the
students to make a web page, many services provide free pages
geocities, tripod, etc
all that is required is internet access, which should be provided
at most colleges, in a computer lab etc

require taht students cite references in the www pages
I believe all academic web sites should do this
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