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Scott T. Meissner smeissne at PRAIRIENET.ORG
Wed Feb 19 12:52:20 EST 1997

In reply to my previous posting

Dr. David Kramer suggested the following sites for 
information on how to cite internet sources:

\  http://www.cas.usf.edu/english/walker/mla.html
\  http://www.beadsland.com/weapos

Both these have styles for citing net sources, but
I have two reservations.

1)  Since, other than gene sequence data, I have not
seen references in the primary literature made to 
internet sources should  I encourage my students to 
cite items that are not normally cited by the 
(This is separate from the use of 
the internet for communication and getting ideas,
which I think it can do wonderfully.)

2)  Given the shifting nature of the net how can 
I check if the citations given are valid?  Web pages
come and go, and information in existing ones is
constantly being updated.  Going to the printed
literature at least anchors the citation to a 
physical unshifting item that can be checked.  What
is the value, for example, of citing something that
can not be found weeks or years from now?

Given these concerns I would prefer to see my
students use the internet for "personal communications"
but force them to cite the printed literature to back up
all the important details.  

(Admittedly I am "neo-netter", but I try!  :)

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Aure Entuluva!

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