plants that can grow in the dark?

Marose - William J. wjmarose at UMD5.UMD.EDU
Mon Feb 24 09:42:22 EST 1997

This could be considered a trick question.  How long does the plant need
to grow.  seeds germinate with out the benefit of sun light-hence grow in
the dark.  They will survive for several days to a week or more depending
on the seed.  How about some of the parasitic plants like 'dodder' that do
not have chlorophyl.  They theoretically can grow in the dark as long as a
suitable hose is present.

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On 24 Feb 1997, Patricia Moore wrote:

> I recieved a question today through the MAD SCIENTIST NETWORK that I
> need a bit of help on.  The question that was submitted was:
> Are there any plants that can grow completely in the dark?
> If there is anyone who can help me out I would very much appreciate it!
> Thanks, Trish Moore
> p.s. in case anyone is interested, the MAD SCIENTIST NETWORK, which
> answers science questions through the internet and is always interested
> in people to help out, can be found at
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