Macro vs. Micro and Retention

Magdalena Cano Plewinska mplewinska at
Mon Feb 24 14:02:37 EST 1997

dlrobi02 at HOMER.LOUISVILLE.EDU ("David L. Robinson") wrote:

> Half to two-thirds of them are pre-med or are interested in
>some other medical field...many of which are not at all embarrassed to
>say that they have no real interest in biology, other than the fact that
>it represents their ticket to getting into medical school.
>But I do wonder if starting out with the more
>challenging concepts of molecules, cells, metabolism, and genetics 
>is a better way to let students know if they "have what it takes to get
>into medical school" right from the start, rather than encouraging their
>delusions for a couple semesters more. Isn't this codependence?

Honestly, I don't see how they can expect to function as physicians
without understanding biology. Those bodies they's be dealing with are
living (at least at the moment). I say flunk the bums out! The sooner
the better.

   - Magdalena M. Plewinska, MD
     University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA

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