Recommendations for Greenhouse Collection?

Thomas M. Baugh tbaugh at IGC.APC.ORG
Wed Feb 26 13:35:33 EST 1997


I have a couple of articles scheduled for publication in the coming months.
In one titled "Patio Pond in a Pot" I demonstrate how to use low four gallon
'aquatic planters' for bog plants.  The other article is titled "The High
Tech Aqua Terrarium" in which I describe a terrarium technique that works
well in my small lab here at Spring Meadow.  I'll try to remember to send
you copies.  Perhaps they may be of interest to your students.

Tom Baugh
Spring Meadow 

At 10:44 AM 2/24/97 -0500, William E. Williams wrote:
>I'm pretty sure this is a FAQ, so just point me at a document if you know
>where it is:
>What do people recommend we grow in our greenhouse for a good, basic
>teaching collection?  A banana tree is clearly a must, and I understand
>it's not legal to buy Wellwitchia any more, but what else?  We've got
>several available benches but no specialty space (e.g., no fountains or
>rock walls or ponds), we can keep the greenhouse nice and warm in winter
>but can't prevent it's getting pretty hot during the summer (there will
>certainly be days about 35 degrees C).
>All suggestions happily received.
>Bill Williams, St. Mary's College of Maryland
>WEWilliams at

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