plants that can grow in the dark?

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    The Hydnoraceae are root parasites, with few above-ground parts.  At least 
one species of Hydnora never comes above ground, even to flower.  
    This is not a very practical example, however, as Hydnora is restricted to 
Madagascar and Tropical Africa.  Field work is more like an archeological dig 
than what my field botany class is doing.

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Subject: plants that can grow in the dark?
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Date:    2/24/97  10:00 AM

I recieved a question today through the MAD SCIENTIST NETWORK that I
need a bit of help on.  The question that was submitted was:

Are there any plants that can grow completely in the dark?

If there is anyone who can help me out I would very much appreciate it!
Thanks, Trish Moore

p.s. in case anyone is interested, the MAD SCIENTIST NETWORK, which
answers science questions through the internet and is always interested
in people to help out, can be found at

Patricia J. Moore, Program Director
Biology Program
Transylvania University
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