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Hello Audrey
Grevillea Var. 'Audrey' is believed to be a cross between G.juniperina and
G.victoriae, but there is no poorinda "Audrey' in my list, however I will
check with Roger Elliott  who will know.
There are at least 39 cultivars in the poorinda series.
Hope this helps

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: From: AUDREY CASALAINA <n1386875 at>
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: Subject: Grevilleas
: Date: Thursday, 27 February 1997 9:48
: Does anyone know much about a grevillea called Grevillea porinda (not
: of spelling) which has a form called G.audrey?
:       AA      UUU       UUU   DDDDD
:      AAAA    UU UU     UU UU DDD DDD
:     AA  AA      UU     UU    DD    DD 
:    AA    AA     UU     UU    DD     DD 
:    AA    AA     UU     UU    DD      DD   
:   AA      AAAA  UU     UU    DD       DD
:   AA   AAAAAAA   UU     UU   DD       DD
:   AAAAAAAAAA     UU     UU   DD       DD
:  AAAAAA    AA    UU     UU   DD      DD   oo
:  AA        AA    UU     UU   DD    DDD   oooo
:  AA        AA     UUU UUUUU UDD   DDD    oooo
: AA          AA     UUUUU UUUUDDDDDD       oo
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