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Thu Feb 27 07:10:44 EST 1997

>>>It's true that most peppers will cross-pollinate, but you'll not
experience any "hotness" in your mild peppers until the 2nd generation of
plants grown from saved seed.<<<

This is not true.  You will get hotness in the first generation.  The
hotness probably originates from the seed, which technically is the second
generation, but it migrates into the tissue surrounding the seed and,
depending I'd guess on initial intensity, to other parts of the pepper.  

Note that if you keep very hot harvested peppers with sweet peppers, in
the same basket, that in a week or so you will have all hot peppers.

If you want to save sweet peppers for seed, and you are concerned about
contamination from hot peppers, simply taste the white tissue near the
seed withthe tip of your tongue.  When you run into a hot one, you may
need to stop for a while or have someone else take over.

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