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>Subject: Genetics Conference
>To All
>The Annual Meeting of the Genetics Society of Canada will be held in June
>of this year (the week after the Calgary ABLE meeting) at the University of
>Western Ontario in London, Ontario. We expect over 200 geneticists from
>academe, industry, government and health care fields along with many
>graduate students and secondary school teachers.
>I am coordinating a Workshop devoted to current ideas in undergraduate
>Genetics Education.
>To quote the Conference material
>"This century, opening with the rediscovery of fundamental principles
>illustrated by common garden peas, will close with the discovery of
>fundamental principles illustrated by dramatically uncommon transgenic and
>cloned organisms.  Helping our students keep abreast of such a rapidly
>developing field requires novel teaching and learning strategies,
>innovative curricula, appropriate use of electronic communication
>technologies, new organisms for the teaching laboratory etc."
>This Workshop is beginning to take shape and I'd like to invite any
>interested members of the BioLab [and Plant-ed] community to contact me
>>directly (include
>snail mail address) for further details of Conference registration and/or
>Workshop participation.
>Tom Haffie                                      Phone: 519-679-2111 (6502)
>Department of Plant Sciences                    FAX: 661-3935
>University of Western Ontario                   e-mail: thaffie at
>London, ON, Canada
>N6A 5B7

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