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The Satellite Scholar Is Your Road Map to Distance Learning and
Educational TV listings

Would you plan a family vacation, make hotel reservations, pack up the
family station wagon, withdraw money from savings for food and gas, and
then hit the road to a new destination without a road map? Consider all
the time and money you might waste because you can't even FIND
Vacationland! The same is true of your school's satellite system -- Your
school district took a lot of time to choose just the right system and
then invested the money necessary to purchase and install it. Isn't it
time to stop getting lost and pick up the road map? The road map for your
school's satellite system is the Satellite Scholar.

]The Satellite Scholar publishes programming sites from over 60 distance
learning providers. Since we are not affiliated with any one provider or
group of providers, we offer the most complete listing of pre-K through 12
programming and are the ONLY national monthly magazine listing college
courses, including post-graduate offerings up to the doctoral level. This
allows you to tailor your programming choices to your school, your
teachers, and your community.

Plus, the SATELLITE SCHOLAR includes internet site sources for programming
and hot web information of interest to all educators. Every month you will
also find a clip-and-save listing of useful and popular search engines. 

Add this up and you have the MOST comprehensive guide to distance learning
available today!

You could spend hundreds of dollars per year buying programming guides
from individual providers. Yet we have put it all together for you in one
easy-to-use guide. For as little as $7.42 per month ($89 per year)--less
than the cost of most textbooks--you can have an entire year's
subscription to the SATELLITE SCHOLAR. Stop getting lost and get the most
out of your school's satellite system. ORDER NOW and begin finding your
way to educational TV's most useful and interesting sites today!

Contact: Satellite Scholar, 2347 South Avenue West, Missoula, MT
59801--(406) 549-4860 
or e-mail at Annaichieg at aol.com for information and free sample issue.

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