Visual Plant Recognition Scanning Programs - Anyone have one?

FRANK HOCZA sdlooker at
Sat Jan 18 10:16:22 EST 1997

Does anyone have or know of a visual plant recognition program that works with PCs?
 One would scan in the plant - leaf, stem etc (or a good photo) and be given the plant name and general information.
 One could furthur refine the search if needed by answering additional questions - such as size in cm or mm, etc.
 If there is nothing available I may begin working on such an item - although I realise the pattern recognition would
 have to be quite sophisticated.For now I am beginning work on a program which will give picture choices of the
 various identifiers - such as leaf shape, distributionof leaves on stem etc and will then come up with a picture or pictures
 of possible plants identified.Anyone wanting to help will get a free copy of the finished database. Frank E Hocza

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