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At  5:31 PM 1/26/97 -0800, Bill Purves wrote:
>What a cool discussion!  By now it should be obvious that there is no
>"right" way to handle the sequence, just as there is no "right" academic
>calendar (quarters versus semesters) and, in fact, so few "right" things in
>What I think is the "right" sequence is the one that, in the local setting,
>can be handled most comfortably by the people actually teaching the course.
>(And I realize that even that is easier said than done, given that there may
>well be disagreements within the team. If I were in charge of a course for
>which the team was too unhappily divided in opinion, I'd reduce the number
>of instructors. And if THAT meant that there was a reduction in the breadth
>of coverage, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.)
>I believe, strongly, that it is a mistake to force instructors to teach a
>subject in a way of which they disapprove.  Different instructors have
>different ideas, and different students learn differently.  Students will
>learn only what THEY want to learn, and they will learn it only when THEY
>want to learn it, usually in service of some other goal that interests THEM.
>I think I haven't pontificated on this in this forum for over a year, so
>I'll go on... :-)


Maybe as an author, you could go into the subject about
why there are few/no intro textbooks that go the macro-micro
route.  There are so many "cut from the same block" books
competing out there, it seems to me that some publisher
could draw some business from that crowded pool if they
had the thought of being different rather than the same.

Another thought, does anyone know of a text out there that
uses the approach that Jon suggested?  One that deals with
science as a web rather than a sequence?  It seems that
DNA and evolution do not make much sense separately without
understanding of both and so a web-approach seems needed.


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