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Bill Purves purves at MUDDCS.CS.HMC.EDU
Mon Jan 27 21:38:27 EST 1997

At 06:14 PM 1/27/97 -0800, Jon Monroe wrote:

>Funny Ross used the term web... the WWW is here!  How long until the heavy
>textbooks are a thing of the past and a fully "webbed" text is available?
>I don't mean something like MIT's hypertextbook
>(  It is extremely good,
>but like books, it is just a linear sequence of illustrated concepts.  Is
>anyone working on a webtext that integrates concepts?

I'm not aware of a current REAL project of this sort.  Roger Schank is
still looking for money to do it his way.  With biologists, of course.

But I recommend that interested folks download ILS Technical Report
#22 from (follow the signs, I forget the exact page
within the site).  If it strikes your interest, check the titles for
other reports with "ASK system" in the title.

A GOOD ASK system will cost BIG bucks to do, but one could look for
corners to cut.  Done right, it is (a) interactive and (b) nonlinear.
Unfortunately, the example Roger has on that web site (Engines for
Education, I believe it's called) really sux... very dry.  Don't
waste the time to download it.  But check out #22.


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