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>We switched our two semester Intro. Bio. sequence to a three semester
>sequence.  The three semester sequence consists of Cell/Molecular, Botany
>and Zoology.  The courses can be taken in any order which, to me, presents
>quite a problem if students elect to take Cell/Molecular last or, in the
>case of non-majors, not at all.  Majors must take all three and non-majors
>only take two of the three.  I teach the Botany section and next Fall will
>also be teaching the Cell/Molecular.  We are not suppose to overlap material
>but, it is hard to teach alternation of generations without teaching
>something about haploid and diploid  with meiosis and mitosis.  This is
>covered in Cell/Molecular as is Photosynthesis.  I think Photosynthesis
>should be taught in Botany.  Also, Fungi are taught nowhere except maybe in
>micro.  We switched to a three semester series to be able to teach the three
>areas at a greater depth so our majors would be better prepared for upper
>division classes in these three areas.  
>I can't say if a three semester series has been good for the students or
>not. We have thought about trying to make all the students take
>Cell/Molecular first but then non-majors would then have to choose between
>Botany and Zoology and, most would pick Zoology.  Any thoughts on directing
>the sequence.
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