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Thu Jan 30 13:34:05 EST 1997

   Hi! My name is Alison and at my school we're working on these bio
projects. My project is to see if Plants are affected by music. I have
done the experiment and repeated it twice. I have taken the data and now
all i need is the do research on plants and so on. The only problem is I
can find any info. except this oe book. If anyone knows much about plants
(and at this ng I would think so) then could you please e-mail me or reply
to this thread. I would be very thankful.

P.S. My computer is going to be in the shop for a few days, so I wouldn't
be able to get back to this place for a bit.

P.S.S One thing I really would like to find out is if plants are affected
by Vibrations. Thanks again

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