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At  8:36 AM 1/31/97 -0800, JFRUGOLI at BIO.TAMU.EDU wrote:
>Ross Koning's replies to these requests are very thorough and to the
>point, but I do want to add that vibrations DO have a documented effect
>on plants,though maybe not one measureable without molecular tools.  All
>of Janet Braam's work on the touch genes in Arabidopsis, (published in
>Cell, Plant Phys, and elsewhere) might be worth a look.

Indeed, one spectacular response response to vibration
is seen in Mimosa pudica (the sensitive plant).  If you
have one in a pot and gently lift the pot and drop it
from a few inches to the bench, the shock will cause all
the leaflets to fold and the petioles to reflex downward.
That is certainly repeatable...the Bach vs Beatles
distinguishing plant idea is, however, a hoax.

>Also, aspirin in the water of cut flowers may have an effect on floral
>life because of the well documented effects of salicylic acid on the
>induction of defense genes (measured in hours), though I don't know if
>anyone's looked at this in cut flowers with the concentrations availible
>in a single aspirin tablet (I spray whole plants with 5mM SA as part of
>my work and get a dramatic response).  Back in 1994 there was a short
>piece in Scientific American about this that would be a bit dated, but
>definitely quite readable.

As I recall both acetylsalicylic acid, but to a greater extent
salicylic acid, also affect ethylene biosynthesis at least
in some species.


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