Results of vote on moderation

Jon Monroe monroejd at
Fri Jul 4 14:56:33 EST 1997


The consensus on moderation of this newsgroup is clear.  On the question
"Should this newsgroup be moderated?" I received 189 yes votes, 4 no votes,
and one abstaining vote.  I contacted the BIOSCI administrators and
requested that the charter be amended and the newsgroup be moderated.
However, they told me that they are currently testing a mechanism to
electronically filter spams which might negate the need to have a
moderator.  If their system works I would not moderate the group, but I
requested that they switch Plant-ed to being moderated until they know it
will work.  I expect this will take some time (a week or two) so in the
mean time keep your delete key warm...

Thanks for your patients,


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