Power-Pro for Shovels, Rakes, etc. Saves Your Back!

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      I would like to introduce the New Patented Power-Pro!  Currently the
Inventor is the Only Source of the Power-Pro, through this offer.

      This New Safety Device is Specifically Engineered so the operator is
Standing Straight Up when using Long Handled Tools such as Shovels, Mops,
Rakes etc..

      Order Today and you can cut down on Workman Comp Claims, Insurance
Claims, and Lost workdays!

      The Power-Pro Completely Changes the way you use Long Handled Hand

      The Power-Pro is Guaranteed to work as Claimed.

      I would like to forward my sales material to the person who will make
the decision, to purchase the device, for approval.

      Thank You for your Interest.
David J. Middleton

Golden Inventions 
Patent # 5,496,085  
Dramatically Lightens the Load.--Dramatically Reduces the Strain.
Can reduce Workman's Comp Claims
Insurance Claims
Lost Work Days
New-Just Patented
The BEST Back Saving Auxiliary Handle on the Market!  No other Auxiliary
Handle Even Comes Close to the Power-Pro in Strain Reduction and

The Inventor realizing that there "Had to be a Better Way!" to use Long
Handled Tools, went about "Reinventing the Wheel".  In the Process the
Power- Pro was Developed.  The 100% Effort in "Reinventing the Wheel"
Resulted in a 100% Improvement in Auxiliary Handle.

Reduce Workman's Comp Claims,
Insurance Claims 
Lost Work Days
Retrofits to your Existing Long Handled Hand Tools.
Greatly Reduces the Chance of Back Injuries.
Greatly Reduces the Chance of Strain.
Allows the Operator to Stand and Work in an Upright Position.
Simple to use.
No Need to Bend Over, the Power-Pro Adjusts to You.

    If you use a:
Lawn rake, Garden Rake, Any Rake, Spade, Square Point Shovel. Snow Shovel,
Grain Shovel, Any Kind of Shovel, Pitch Fork, Potato Fork, Any kind of Fork
(almost), Garden Hoe, Cement Mixing Hoe, Any Kind of Hoe, Long Handled
Paint Rollers (A Must Try), Brooms, Mops, and a slew of other tools, you
owe it to yourself to try the New Power Pro Auxiliary Handle.

The Power-Pro is Truly a Unique and Patented Auxiliary Handle Unit That
Works as Claimed, and Eases the Burden of Long Handled Tool Operation!!! 

The Power-Pro Greatly Increases the Downward Force on the Rake Head, which
means Fewer Strokes to Rake an Area!

The Power-Pro is Simple to Use, and so Advanced that the way you Rake is
Completely Changed.  The Changes Dramatically Reduces the Strain on your
Back, and Hands!  

A Downward Force on the Power-Pro Auxiliary Handle is converted to a
horizontal motion, which naturally pivots the rake head across the ground. 
The opposite hand (the one on the main shaft) DOESN'T pull the rake, just
holds on enough to Guide the Handle!
If you use a Mop you have to try the New Power-Pro on it. 

 Stand perfectly upright!  Saves your Back!  Uses an easy cross ways
motion.  Lets the tool do the work.  An easy downward force on the
Power-Pro, and an easy curling motion with the other hand, results in the
ultimate way to use the mop.  The Power-Pro easily attaches to the mop
handle, and is adjustable to the height of the operator. 

When the Power-Pro is used on Shovels,  Miracles Happen!
Heavy Back Breaking Leveraged Weight is Eliminated, and replaced by the
Lighter Actual Weight!  

The weight is transferred from in front of you, to in line weight (next to
your body).

You Say You Can't Bend Your Arms to Lift the Laden Shovel?  Don't Worry,
You Don't Have To.  A Simple Shrug of Your Shoulder Will Lift the Shovel!!

You Say you Still Can't Lift the Laden Shovel?  Well... Don't Worry, You
Don't Have to Lift the Shovel!  Simply scoop the heavy material,  rock,
cement block, whatever... onto the shovel, release the main shaft, turn
around grab the Power-Pro Auxiliary Handle and simply Walk Away!  
" The No Lift Shovel "

· Toss the Material Farther and Easier with Less Strain!
Order the Power Pro, Patent. # 5,496,085 Contact Me:

David J. Middleton
PO Box 27
Fort Edward, NY 12828
(518) 747-3144
E-mail- invent at mail.capital.net 
The Inventor Retains All Patent and licensing Rights.   $24.95 each,  Plus
$5.00 S&H

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