poison ivy

Lee Hadden hadden at WINGATE.EDU
Wed Jul 9 11:48:12 EST 1997

Having read the two items re poison ivy, I wondered if anyone out there
has heard of or can confirm and/or explain the basis of a folk remedy I
have had several students over the years tell me about.  I have been
told [but certainly not tried nor recommended] that some people
[typically country folk] who get poison ivy will eat a leaf of it when
they have the rash--and it "cures" it!!  Since I know of one person who
had poison ivy in his mouth and throat, this sounds absurd, but they say
they know it works for some without creating greater problems.  Since
this remedy has been recounted by several different students at
different times concerning people they know who do it, I keep wondering
how it works.  Anyone have info on this?

[I know that minute amounts of Rhus extract is used in some homeopathic
remedies with no allergic problems resulting.]

Lee Hadden, Professor
Department of Biology
Wingate University
Wingate, NC  28174

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