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Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at TAMUK.EDU
Thu Jun 12 10:00:48 EST 1997

I get the same kind of "junk" on other newsgroups I subscribe to.  I think
they use a program to post to all of the Bionet groups.  I just hit delete
and ignore the ones I can't tell are junk from the title.  It's just like
junk mail in your mailbox delivered by the US mail - although that is
generally not obscene.  The same problem was had by FAX before email.
Moderation would be nice but, as stated in one of the below posts, that
would require someones time and effort.  My suggestion is just use the
delete key.


>---Scott Shumway wrote---
>> HALF of the messages that I receive from plant-ed are about non-botanical
>> sex or anotomical photographs that do not feature members of the plant or
>> protist kingdoms.  This represents almost ALL of the junk email (spams?)
>> that I receive.  By unsubscripbing from plant-ed I could eliminate my junk
>> email problems, but I would also lose a valuable source of plant teaching
>> and research information.  Is there any way to save this list from "death
>> by unwanted advertising"?  Could it become a moderated list?
>> Thanks, Scott
>> Scott Shumway
>> Dept. of Biology
>> Wheaton College
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>I second that opinion!
>While I have found this list to be of great help to me in the past, I 
>find the frequent "" 
>a pain in the Aster.
>Are the other Bio-Sci lists also frequented by these spams?  I would 
>imagine that they are.  Yes, a moderated list would filter out these 
>posts, but the problem lies in MODERATING it.  Somebody would have to 
>volunteer to administrate the list and dump the non-plant-ed 
>material; that is if the Bio-Sci folks allow it.
>I'm not sure what the anther is.  I do agree that I would hate to see 
>this list senesce due to unwanted advertising.
>Any ideas?
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