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Thu Jun 12 11:37:14 EST 1997

Scott asked:


 Is there any way to save this list from "death
> > by unwanted advertising"?  Could it become a moderated list?
> > 
> > Thanks, Scott
> > 

Michael wrote in reply:


> Are the other Bio-Sci lists also frequented by these spams?  I would 
> imagine that they are. 

Yes all of the bio-sci lists get this spam. In fact most of the spam
generated this past week is posted to ALL of the usenet newsgroups, not
just the bio-sci groups. Many of these have randomly generated e-mail
reply addresses and forged organizational names so it is near impossible
to tell where they come from. 

Don't know what the answer is other than moderation. Some of the other
bio-sci groups I read are now moderated to deal with spam/ads. I don't
think it's a big deal to get moderation as long is someone is willing to
do it.

My 2 electrons,


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