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Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Thu Jun 12 15:22:09 EST 1997

I am on several news lists, and certainly
this one gets the most spam.

I think this is due to its "official" status
with other news groups in the Bionet domain.
The other lists I am on are served by Majordomo
from a "private" server.

Before we saddle someone with the moderator
chore, I think we should first investigate having
a private site.

Frankly I'm OK with hitting the delete key on
spam, but some people do worry that their employer
may be seeing some of the porno-spam in a very
personal light.  It seems that at least some
employers are monitoring what goes into and out
of our email accounts, internet accesses, etc.
I don't know how much of that fear is justified,
but I have seen such concerns in print.


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