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Jon Monroe monroejd at
Mon Jun 16 14:26:22 EST 1997


I appreciate all of your comments and concerns and want to thank you all
for putting up with the spams until now.  Unfortunately, they will probably
get worse.  To repeat what was discussed earlier, the BIOSCI newsgroups are
not like the private listservers so certain tricks mentioned to eliminate
spams are not possible.  The major advantage of the BIOSCI system, and the
reason we would like to keep the Plant-ed group in the BIOSCI system, is
that all messages are automatically archived and are searchable at:  The only way to
eliminate spams is to moderate the group.

Some of you are happy to delete spams, but others are frustrated and
expressed those concerns.  Unfortunately, over the last several weeks the
number of subscribers to Plant-ed has dipped, probably in part due to folks
unsubscribing for the break from teaching, but I'm sure that some people
have unsubscribed because of the increase in spams.  For these reasons,
Susan Singer and I are initiating the process of making this a moderated
group.  Both of us would be involved in moderating it and we honestly
believe that it will not be a significant drain on our time.  Besides the
lack of spams the only noticeable change might be the slightly longer time
from posting a message to receiving replies via the group.  However, as
often as I read my e-mail I don't think it will be a significant problem.

To make a change in the Charter requires a vote of the membership so we
will be making that request in the near future.  Thanks for being patient
through this process!


Jon Monroe and Susan Singer

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