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At 10:23 AM 6/20/97 GMT, you wrote:
>You might want to take note of our decision ~18 months ago
>to moderate bionet.photosynthesis. I started off opposed to
>moderation, but relented because I couldn't provide an alternative
>to other subscriber who were NOT prepared to accept the level of junk
>Basically, we said that the policy would be to reject obvious
>spams and blatant violations of the "no ADS" principle. We also
>said that moderation policy would be very liberal. I am not the
>moderator, but as far as I know, his decisions have all been
>accepted without argument.

### I have a thought.  It was suggested at one point that only subscribers
be allowed posting access.  I am strongly opposed to this.  On the other
hand, I fear that moderation may slow down the timeliness and be a burden
on the moderators.  Question: Is is possible to have the list set-up, maybe
with two addresses or such, so that the regular subscribers could post
without moderation with only the non-subscribed posters having to funnel
through a moderator?  This would allow timely postings and responses for
the "regulars" yet still allow the moderation of "outsiders", reducing the
load on moderators.

Do new subscriptions have to be moderated as well?  Can spammers make it
look like they are subscribers?  Clever things can be done; I have received
junk mail that appears to have come from my own server.  I can trace the
histroy in the header back so far and see where the change occurs, but can
go no further back.  

Does this sound doable or like a good solution?

I have to admit, I am getting tired of checking my mail and finding 4-5
pieces of "JUNK" mail every day.  Both the porn and other seem to be coming
more frequently!

Dave Starrett

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