Voting on moderating this news group

Bill Purves purves at TURING.CS.HMC.EDU
Tue Jun 24 17:55:24 EST 1997

When this discussion began last month, I sent a message to Susan
and Jon, reading as follows:


I am one of the plant-edders who has been quite content to deal personally
with the spams.  However, from what others have said, it is clear that a
nontrivial number of members of the group can't comfortably deal with them.
Given that situation, I think you were right to initiate the process of
making plant-ed a moderated group.

THANK YOU both for your willingness to handle the moderating chores (and the
necessary balloting).  Plant-ed is a great group, and that success owes in
considerable part to your efforts.


Now the vote is at hand.  Some people have pointed out the desirability of
making the group as open as possible--not excluding undergraduate student
input, for example--and of keeping things democratic.  People have worried
about Jon and Susan and the impact of this new workload on them.

In spite of these considerations, I strongly urge people to vote "YES" on
this matter.  Susan and Jon will surely let everything through that isn't
flavored with Spam. Some people do have trouble avoiding the spams, and the
spams are vile and numerous.  Those of us who can screen them out easily
aren't the issue; rather, we should honor the wishes of those who CAN'T
screen them out easily. I am impressed also by the argument that we'd like
our students not to have their innocent little eyes besieged by the spams.

I also believe that Susan/Jon CAN handle this without getting bogged
down--for now, at least.  (Let's approve of any wording that simplifies
reconsideration if the workload grows out of hand.)  I spend approximately
25 hours a day logged in. As a result, I know that Jon does, too ;-)   I
think Jon could handle the current de-spamming problem with ease.

Please vote "YES."



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