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>This is a call for votes from the users of this newsgroup about the current
>interest in having it moderated.  If the vote passes the charter will be
>modified to include the following paragraph:
>The moderation policy of Plant-ed will be based on a liberal interpretation
>of the newsgroup charter, i.e. anything marginally suitable will be
>accepted.  Mass-posted commercial messages, chain letters, and similar
>postings not germane to the newsgroup charter will be deleted without
>comment.  Use of the newsgroup for commercial purposes is prohibited.  The
>moderators of this newsgroup will be Jonathan Monroe or Susan Singer, or
>his/her designee.
>If you would like to express your opinion on this, please vote on the
>following  question by marking an X in the yes or no lines in the subject
>line of this message and returning it to me at monroejd at
>***Should this newsgroup be moderated?***
>I will close the voting on July 4, 1997.  Thanks.
>  Jonathan Monroe                voice:  540-568-6649 (office)
>  Department of Biology                  540-568-6045 (lab)
>  James Madison University       fax:    540-568-3333
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