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Ken Cameron cameronkm at RASCAL.GUILFORD.EDU
Sat Jun 28 11:23:47 EST 1997

Dear Fellow Biologists,
There exists a long-standing feud between the science faculty and the non
science faculty here at Guilford College over the issue of workload equity.
In order to address this issue, I am conducting an informal survey among
primarily national liberal arts colleges and asking for your assistance.
How many courses does each of your biology (science) faculty teach in a
given semester/year or more specifically, how many classsroom "contact
hours" to do put in for teaching per semester?  What are your research
As an example, I teach three 4-credit lecture sections AND three 0-credit
lab sections during each of our two semesters. Adding this up, I am
physically in the classroom for a total of 16.5 contact hours per week (7.5
for lecture + 9 for lab).  I also prep my own labs, oversee independent
research, and advise about 25 students, but must admit that I am not
necessarily expected to maintain a research program.
Our non-science faculty also teach three 4-credit courses but their contact
hours typically add to only 7.5 per week.
Your assistance with this survey is greatly appreciated, and I would be
happy to share a final copy with you if you would like.  Thank you in

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