Help! I have an injured aloe plant.

Scott D. Jung FIX-MEjung at
Tue Mar 4 08:22:29 EST 1997

Guaranteed method for helping the plant.  First find a really sharp
knife.  Then cut off one of your fingers or a toe if you prefer.  make
sure it is dripping with blood.  You can put it in the blender for
this.  Then put the bloody pulp on the injured section of the plant
and wrap in guaze.

Or was this just for if you BURN your aloe plant?


David Schanzle <schnozie at> wrote:

:)>Glamdring wrote:
:)>          I have a large aloe plant that has bee cut on one of its
:)>  leaves and is now drying and dying from this cut out.  In addition
:)>  another arm appears as if it has been crushed and is now shrinkoing
:)>  and warping at these places.
:)>          How can I heal this plant and save these arms???
:)>                                          Alex
:)>                                          alk at
:)> Don't worry about it. You can't kill aloe plants. The leaf will dry up
:)>around the cut and heal itself. You probably could plant the other end
:)>and it might grow. I have hundreds of aloes. I have left them out of
:)>soil for months finally to replant them.

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