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Dear Plant Ed'ers

I am a lecturer in plant physiology and presently=20
I am attending a course in the=20
evaluation/assessment of student performance - not=20
just exams, but anything that we can use to check=20
how much they have learnt, what they have learnt=20
and, most importantly, to what extent they really=20
understand what they have learnt. Although I have=20
been teaching for a number of years, it is only=20
now dawning on me just how difficult a task this=20

As part of this course I have to do a small=20
project and I have chosen to ask you to help me=20
compile a list of all the various forms of=20
assessing student performance that you have tried.=20
One very common way is a final exam with various=20
types of questions (multiple choice, true/false=20
and essays). But there are many other forms.=20
Please tell me what forms you have tried (applied=20
at any time during the course and used to evaluate=20
any aspect of the course), what type of course it=20
was tried in (subject, number of students,=20
duration of course), how successful you thought=20
the various evaluation forms were and what the=20
student responses were.=20

I very much appreciate your response before the=20
end of March. I intend to post a compilation=20
sometime during April.

Thank you in advance.

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