Recommend Botany Textbook

David R. Hershey dh321 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US
Mon Mar 10 00:57:21 EST 1997

Nice to see someone is trying to revive high school botany classes. There
are at least half-a-dozen intro. college botany texbooks on the market. 
Three are published by William C. Brown of Dubuque, Iowa. They are Stern's
Introductory Plant Biology, a nonmajors text with lots on plant uses; 
Northington and Schneider's The Botanical World, which emphasizes
environmental issues; and Moore et al's Botany, strong on physiology. 

Saunders College Publishing has Mauseth's Botany: An Introduction to 
Plant Biology, emphasizing evolution and diversity. Worth Publishers has 
Raven et al's Biology of Plants, also strong on evolution. Harper & Row 
has Kaufman et al's Plants: Their Biology and Importance, the oldest of 
the bunch with a 1989 publication. All are good, have lots of color photos 
but are heavy with vocabulary.

Do you have any particular emphasis in mind? 
On 9 Mar 1997, Diane Fellers wrote:

> Our science department plans to introduce a botany course next year.  Plans
> were initially made to use a standard biology text as a primary reference
> source but the current high school texts almost ignore the plant kingdom. 
> Can anyone offer a suggestion?
> Thanks,
> Diane  

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