Blue Ridge

R. Howard Berg hberg at MSUVX2.MEMPHIS.EDU
Mon Mar 10 18:07:42 EST 1997

When I was a postdoc at Oregon State, someone told me that the summer haze
in the Willamette Valley was due to the emission of hydrocarbons by the
conifer forests (back in 1979 there wasn't much industrial pollution up
there, hopefully this is still true).  Whether this is due to terpenoids
primarilty I can't answer.

>One of my students said he recently heard on the radio that the blue of the
>Ridge mountains is the result of terpenoid compounds.  I suppose the story is 
>that they are volatized from the pines and interact with the sunlight to give 
>the blue haze (which I must confess I have never noticed).  
>I told him that I didn't know anything about it but would try to find out. 
>anyone here help?
>Doug Jensen
>Berea College

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