David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Mon Mar 10 17:07:26 EST 1997

>Would someone clarify the scientific name for
>rapeseed for me? Is it Brassica rapa or
>Brassica napa?
>Tom W.
>Southfield, MI

Rapeseed is Brassica rapa var. oleifera.  Brassica napus (note:  napus not
napa) is Rutabaga.  However, there is an "Oil Rape" that is Brassica napus
var. oleifera.  The problem here, as usual, is that the common names like
"Rapeseed" and "Oil Rape" are not controlled and are often used for several

Source:  Wisconsin Fast Plants Manual, pp 7-10.

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