Tue Mar 11 07:33:31 EST 1997

     Rapeseed scientific name is: Brassica napus
     it is also known as: Colza, or Canola (in Canada)
     Brassica rapa (previously called B. campestris) is considered to be 
     one of the rapeseed parent according to cytogenetic considerations.
     Brassica napa does not exist (do not confuse with Napa Valley! Ca.)
     I would suggest to refere to the excellent paper of Williams PH and 
     Hill CB, Science 1986 232: 1385-1389 relating to cytogenetic 
     interrelationships among several Brassica species (and ssp).
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Would someone clarify the scientific name for 
rapeseed for me? Is it Brassica rapa or 
Brassica napa?
Tom W.
Southfield, MI

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