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Longish ago a list was posted for references for transgenic crops...I
recently gave a talk on them, so have the list at hand:
(I cannot find the original posters, but don't want to take credit for all
the references I am citing to be from my library search only...)

Scientific Amercian May 96 p 33 'round-up ready soy, oilseed rape,
brazilnut            genes transferred.
Scientific Am oct 1996 p.45     bt-cotton and corn, some controversy there!
Science 263:1423 1994 also "perspective" p 1395 transfer of transgenic material
    to weeds
Some "oldies":
Plant Cell 3:1141 1991
Science 255:919,  256: 770
Science 274:180

University of Wisconsin biotechnology website has some good info, but dig
through the links to find it.
I searched flavr-savr tomato, and transgenic crops and found few articles
that were in our library.

Also there was an article in a recent Science, but its buried at home, I
will post the reference tomorrow.

Anyone know what became of the 'ice resistant" strawberry bacteria?

A personal note:
One point that I made in my talk which silenced the room while people
picked up their jaws is the political point: Once Monsanto makes the
transgenic crop and the matching herbicide--the farmer is trapped with
buying both seeds and herbicide from one source. Are smaller seed companies
working on alternative crops and methods being squeezed out of business,
and larger companies cornering the market? Are these new technologies cost
effective? Is this good use of technology?
(I personally don't know, but your class--or in my case the New Orleans
horticulture club, had a great time discussing it!!)


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