that sap thing

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Wed Mar 12 08:53:21 EST 1997

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  OFFICE MEMO          that sap thing                         Date:3/12/97

Okay, now you've got my attention.  Any idea:
(i) where this sugar is stored prior to spring "sap" flow?  (paratracheal
parenchyma; and/or ray parenchyma; cortex and then transported via ray
parenchyma past the phloem to the xylem; special storage tissue I missed in
plant anatomy (by not being educated at UVt?)
(ii) what carbohydrate is the stored form? (something other than sucrose,
which I assume is the "transported" form; or am I wrong here too?)
(iii) what "puts" the sugar into the xylem vessel (elements)?  (an actual
"pump" of some sort, or is it accomplished by diffusion once the "monomers"
are released from the storage "polymer"?)

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