Mosquito plant?

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>Subject:       Mosquito plant?
>Date:          13 Mar 1997 15:41:22 GMT
>I have heard that there is a plant which repells mosquitos with its 
> Does anyone know:
>If such a plant exists?
>If so what is it called?
>Does the oder also repell humans?
>Maybe you have some other interesting information on the subject. 
>Thank you
>Jeff Rau
>JeffRau at
I saw a plant advertised in the Michigan Bulb catalog as a miracle plant 
that was "proven to repel mosquitos".  On closer inspection, the picture 
accompanying the fantastic claims was of a scented geranium.  I have 
lots of these, and I still have lots of mosquitos, so I can't say much 
for it if this is the plant in question.  Maybe you're suppossed to rub 
it all over!

In that vein, I have heard many people say that rubbing themselves with 
lemon balm, a member of the mint family, seems to repel mosquitos.  
Since lemon balm is called that because it smells lemony and may have 
citronella or a related compound, this doesn't seem so far fetched to 
me.  for anecdotal evidence, see "Organic Gardening" February or March 
issue.  Since this is the gardening magazine with the largest 
subscription in the country, this may be where the idea originated.
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