help with slides (and texts)?

Enrique Lopez e.lopez at
Sat Mar 15 21:49:50 EST 1997

Dear bionet educators,

Our department has an undergraduate course in "Vascular Plants", which I
have recently been made responsible for. I am trying to find a good
commercial or non-profit (Botanic Garden?) source of slides which could be
used to describe diversity, particularly of flowering plants,
representatives of major families for example. Do most people in a similar
situation use their own slides? 

In adition I am looking for textbooks. Some classical texts (Guifford and
Foster, Morphology and Evolution of Vascular Plants) were being used, but
the focus is very much morphological, with very little change in many
years, and the coverage of flowering plant diversity minimal. There are
some excellent texts for first year, including some development,
biogeography and agriculture, but our students have already taken two
basic units in Plant Diversity and Plant Organisation and Function, so the
one on vascular plants has to be gueared beyond the basics. I have seen
mentioned Walters and Keil (95), Vascular Plant Taxonomy. Anybody could
provide any comment on it, or suggest any other one?

Thank you for your time and, hopefully, feedback. I would post a summary
of suggestions for others with similar needs,

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