help with slides (and texts)?

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Mar 17 13:13:53 EST 1997

>I am trying to find a good
>commercial or non-profit (Botanic Garden?) source of slides which could be
>used to describe diversity, particularly of flowering plants,
>representatives of major families for example. Do most people in a similar
>situation use their own slides? 

The TAMU botany crew uses its own slides, but we're fortunate to have some 
crack photographers on our staff.

>I have seen
>mentioned Walters and Keil (95), Vascular Plant Taxonomy. Anybody could
>provide any comment on it, or suggest any other one?

Walters and Keil is great!  It's a little pricey for a paperback, but very 
well put together and up to date.

Monique Reed
Biology Dept.
Texas A&M

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