Fundamental concepts of biology

Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Wed Mar 19 10:36:50 EST 1997

At 2:49 PM -0000 3/19/97, Mark Holland wrote:

>What do you consider to be the fundamental concepts - the most
>important pieces of the big picture - in biology?


Here is my short list:

Cell as a unit of structure and function
Chemical processing - (homeostatic metabolism)
Energy processing - (growth, movement)
Response to environment - (acclimation, behavior)
Reproduction - (death is result of life, avoiding extinction)
Adaptation - (evolution by natural and artificial selection)

I wish books stuck with the older Keeton approach
that highlighted the various means of solutions to
problems in each of these areas by various organisms.
This kind of comparative approach integrates biology
behind a few basic concepts better than any other IMHO.


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