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Susan J. Meades sjmeades at
Wed Mar 26 12:11:52 EST 1997


Next semester, I will be teaching Introduction to Ecology at a small 
Northern Ontario University-College that offers only the first 2 years of 
a biology program.  By training, I am a plant taxonomist and have been 
out of academia for a number of years, so am not up on the latest 
references.  I am requesting suggestions or opinions from experienced 
ecologists and teachers of ecology on basic ecology textbooks.  Two texts 
that have been suggested are "Concepts of Ecology" 4rd edition, by E.J. 
Kormondy (1996) and Elements of Ecology" 3rd edition, by R.L. Smith 
(1992).  I have a copy of Smith that I am reviewing, but have not been 
able to find a 4th edition of Kormondy for comparison.  I would 
apprecieate any comments or suggestions from experienced ecology 

Thank you,

Susan J. Meades
sjmeades at

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