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At 11:45 AM -0400 5/3/97, Frank Percival wrote:
>I have received advertisements a couple of times from Qubit Systems for low
>cost gas exchange systems--one based on an "oxygen sensor" and the other on
>an infrared gas analyzer.  The prices are attractive, but I wonder if the
>"you get what you pay for" rule comes into play at some point.  I would
>appreciate hearing from any of you who might have used these units to see
>what you think of their performance.  Thanks!
>Frank Percival
>Biology Department
>Westmont College
>Santa Barbara, CA  93108
>perciva at


I bought one of their photosynthesis systems and have since
bought another.  They are really excellent both in terms
of hardware and software.  The students took to them very
well and learned much about compensation points, dose responses,
and so on.  I only had them to a PPD dose response curve.
Then I put them onto the "Explorer" simulation software,
to carry out lots of other projects with strong time
compression.  This helped them appreciate why we use a
simulator and what it takes to do even a simple project
in real time with real plants.

My recommendation for using the Qubit system for undergrad
labs is "Go for it!"  They may not be quite like a David
Gates cuvette in terms of sophistication, but they are
excellent and the price is SUPER!


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